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Richie Eisler – Elite Series No. 4

Richie Eisler back again with his 4th Elite Series edit presented by Pennon Pictures. Blading around North Vancouver and Copenhagen in 2017, in the late Autumn weather, Mr Eisler shows the world that he can still throw down some mad tricks and make them look good too! Every Richie Eisler video is worth a watch and there is no exception to this one, with his steezy riding you’ll want to try copy his style, and we wish you good luck, it won’t be easy!

“Pennon Pictures – Elite Series A Film by Jonas Hansson • Starring Richie Eisler Shot in 2017 in and around Copenhagen & Vancouver Duration: 8min  Interview: locoskates.com/blogs/loco-blog/jonas-x-richie-elite-series-interview – Jonas Hansson”

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