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“one of the most under rated skaters I know”

While filming for Rollerblade and the FROM BEYOND video over in the West Coast, the guys from Shredweiser managed to grab a good few clips of Sascha Simms in “only a handful of sessions” and felt that it would be such a shame to let it all go to waste.

FROM BEYOND was released a few months ago and these are the “left over” clips which are still BANGERS in their own right. Sascha has been putting in the work and it goes to show that hard work and determination really pays off!

Need some motivation before your next rollerblading session? Give this one a watch!

Watch the YouTube video below:

You can get Shredweisers’ FROM BEYOND here:
(Disclaimer: We are not in association with Shredweiser, just sharing some gnarly videos for you to watch!)

A few Screen-grabs from the video:

Sascha Simms - Soul 180 Off

Soul grind 180 out

Sascha Simms - Grabbed Makio down the Kink rail 180 off

Grabbed Makio down the Kink rail to 180 out

Sascha Simms - Makio Training Wheel

Makio Training Wheel

Sascha Simms - Soul Grind jump to other rail Soul

Soul Grind jump to other rail Soul 180 out

Sascha Simms - Under rail royale 450 out

Under the rail Royale Grind to 450 out


Sascha Simms:


Music by: Motörhead – No Class


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