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Street Republique 2023 – Belgium Edition (blading comp)

Street Republique 2023 edit brought to you by Kevin Ciman!

Featuring; Julien Cudot, Antony Pottier, Fred Bukowski, Diako Diaby, Arnaud Gillet, Pierre Saporta, Armelle Tisler, Carla Pasquinelli and more… With big names like these you can already tell it’s going to be a crazy competition. Diako Diaby did an unreal World’s First “Soul Grind to Cork 900”!! There’s so much to witness. Unreal skating went down at Street Republique 2023!

Mens Top 3
1: Julien Cudot
2: Diako Diaby
3: Fred Bukowski

Girls Top 3
1: Armelle Tisler
2: Carla Pasquinelli
3: Aniekkerkho

Camera and editing by Kevin Ciman.

“Street Republique 2023 – Belgium Edition (Liège) girl and men comp feat : Julien cudot,Antony pottier,fred Bukowski,diako diaby,Arnaud Gillet,pierre Saporta,Armelle tisler,Carla pasquinelli and more… song 1 by Vizzel 2 jack white – sixteen saltines caméra and édit : Kevin ciman…” – Kevin Ciman Videographer


Kevin Ciman

Nidstang – The World On Wheels. © Roll Without Limits.


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