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Tom Moyse – January 14 2024 Blading Highlights, Recaps, and more!

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“Professional Rollerblader Michel Prado and Gawds put out a documentary all about an incident that changed his life and nearly resulted in his death. There has been loads of rollerblading videos and contents dropping we are spoilt for choice. Could some of the videos have swayed the inline skater of the year vote? Will it be Sean Kelso, Julien Cudot, Colin Kelso or Eugen Enin? Rollerblading awards vote here: If you’d like to see the channel continue: All support it greatly appreciated. Become a member:… Grab some Merchandise: Join the Patreon   / tomgmoyse   PayPal donations and more: Pick up some Muzzle merch We will be coving all the new edits, from Sean, Colin and Eugen plus the next level Brained video from Abbas. Joe Atkinson got people chatting by posting a video of him wearing THEM SKATES, do you think he could join that team. Wizard skating started the year by dropping two new skates teaming up fir FR on the Wizard Base and Base High. The blading cup 2024 date have been announced and they are hosting on in Asia. Ilia Savosin tried to match Noboru Katayama and tried to get me involved as well.” – Tom Moyse


Tom Moyse

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